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Fjallraven are famous for backpacks the world over, and for good reason! The Fjallraven Kanken bag was created in 1978 to provide better back support for Swedish school children and has supported the backs of children and adults alike ever since. Explore the Fjallraven range of bags, backpacks, duffels and kanken, perfect for outdoor adventures, or as a sturdy work or school bag.

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      Fjällräven Bags FAQ

      How do you pronounce Kanken?

      While the Fjallraven Kanken bags are instantly recognisable, the pronounciation of this iconic backpack can trip people up! Meaning 'to carry' in Swedish you pronounce Kanken as 'Kon'ken' if you're looking to blend in with the locals next time you visit Stockholm!

      What is the history of Kanken Bags?

      The Fjällräven Kanken rucksack was designed as a response to studies in the 1970's which suggested almost 80% of the Swedish population suffered from backpain. To make this more alarming it was believed that the heavy shoulder bags that schoolchildren were wearing at the time were causing this issue from childhood. As a response, Fjallraven founder Ake Nordin created a square backpack designed to hold schoolbooks and two A4 binders while sitting comfortably on the back. The first Kanken backpack was released in 1978 and has since become one of the most iconic and recognisable styles in the entire outdoor industry.

      Why are Fjallraven backpacks so popular?

      While Fjallraven are best known in the UK for their iconic Kanken rucksack, the brand have a wide range of backpacks which are perfect for an outdoor based life. The quality of construction and durability which is evident throughout the Fjallraven bag range is the reason it has become such a trusted choice for outdoor lovers around the world.

      Are Fjallraven Backpacks Waterproof?

      As with their outdoor clothing range, Fjällräven construct many of their backpacks from the water-resistant and adaptable G-1000 fabric. The brand do however offer a range of bags perfect for the UK rain which are made from the 100% waterproof Bergshell fabric. If rain is your main concern then examples of fully waterproof Fjallraven bags include Ulvo, Bergtagen and High Coast.

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