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Our range of Snow Peak Camping Equipment

Originally known for their ultralight titanium products for backpacking Snow Peak has expanded to offer a range perfect for car camping, outdoor adventures and use in stylish gardens. The range includes innovative titanium mugs and cooksets, portable fireplaces, outdoor furniture and clothing accessories.

Founded in the dramatic landscape of Niigata Japan in 1958 Snow Peak has grown to become a world leader in marrying both style and functionality to create truly special outdoor equipment.

Since 2014 Snow Peak have also offered an apparel line which merges the brands passion for the outdoors and fashion. These technical garments are designed to let the wearer move between the urban and the natural. With a modern take on outdoor style the Snow Peak Clothing range is not only technical but also offers genuine function and sustainability.  

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      Snow Peak FAQ

      Where is Snow Peak from?

      The Snow Peak branded was founded in the Niigata prefecture of Japan by Yukoi Yamai in 1958. Snow Peak was designed to use the local expertise in titanium and metal craftsmanship to create a line of lightweight and reliable mountaineering products. Since this time Snow Peak have grown into a worldwide company who specialise in car camping, fire-pits and now offer a range of outdoor clothing. Snow Peak UK opened their first London store back in October 2019 in response to the growing demand for Snow Peak camping equipment in the UK.

      What is the Snow Peak Way

      During a preiod of declining sales in the mid-1990's Snow Peak began organising a camping event with their customers in Japan to better understand their needs and demands from camping equipment. The Snow Peak way was a significant moment in the brands history as it created a true community centred around a love of the outdoors and creating conversations directly between the brand and company. Snow Peak UK now offer a version of the Snow Peak Way which will run it's second event in September 2024.

      What makes Snow Peak Camping Unique?

      The Snow Peak camping experience is focused on connection and comfort - which makes it much more linked to the US concept of car camping than the more extreme ultralight camping. Snow Peak understand the healing and restorative power of spending time with loved ones in nature and for this reason focus on creating a range of goods which are designed to enhance your experience in the outdoor. You may find that many Snow Peak tents are built with a community aspect in mind, meaning they can be opened up for large communal dinners or for spending time with family and friends.

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