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No matter whether you are camping, bushcrafting, cabin building or enjoying a fire in the winter having the perfect tools to collect and treat your wood is essential. Luckily Nordic Outdoor stock one of the finest axe brands in the world; Gransfors Bruk. Since 1902 Gransfors have been hand forging tools from their small hamlet in Southern Sweden and are now widely regarded as one of the finest manufacturers in the world.

With a range of axes for every activity and outdoor pursuit you can choose from a selection of hatchets, splitting axes, forest axes, froes and Carpentry Tools. These tools are made with the highest quality and each axe head features the stamped initials of the master smith who worked on them. With a twenty year warranty from manufacturing default and the use of the finest materials for every piece these are tools which can be handed down through the generations.

Here at Nordic Outdoor we have specialised in Axes since the earliest days of our company and can advise on the axe which best suits our customers needs. While many people would assume there is a one sized fits all approach to Scandinavian axes the truth is that the axe you would use for splitting logs for a Wood burning stove is very different from the axe you may use for camping, woodcraft or (if you’re really adventurous) throwing!

While we do offer a huge array of axes for all sorts of outdoor activites our range of axes and hatchets can be broken down into three main categories; Forest Axes, Splitting Axes and Carpentry Tools.

Forest Axes are our most popular range for camping, bushcraft and survival. Designed for everything from felling large trees to splitting small logs these axes come in a range of sizes. While most of our forest axes are small enough to fit in a daypack there are some options such as the American Felling Axe which are much larger and could be used for felling large trees in the forest.

Splitting Axes are (as the name suggests) designed to split wood. Perfect for use with a wood burning stove, fireplace or Chiminea these axes have a large and heavy head which splits the wood apart as it is used. For protection and durability our range of splitting axes tents to have a metal collar to protect the handle and for safety and functionality feature roughened handles for better grip.

Our final category of axes is Carpentry Tools which is the most specialised collection in our range. These axes have been specially developed for log building, carpentry and sculpting and have been developed in collaboration with some of Scandinavia’s leading woodsmen and carpenters. As these axes are designed for specific uses and function you will see variations on head design, grind and handles.

The Axes stocked here at Nordic Outdoor are constructed from the highest quality materials, from hand forged Swedish Steel, Vegetable tanned leather sheaths and high quality hickory shafts. This quality and craftsmanship comes together to create a product which is not only functional for daily use but can also be handed down throughout generations. Alongside the sheer functionality of our hatchets and axes they are also works of craftsmanship which wouldn’t look out of place in even the most meticulously designed interior.

Choosing the right axe for your needs can be a tricky business and if you need any help then speak to one of our team who can point you in the right direction. For some advice and help on choose your new Gransfors Bruk then give us a call on 0131 552 3000 or send an email to [email protected]

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