Superior Quality Nordic Tipi Tents

Tentipi Adventure Tents are redefining the way we experience camping by creating a true home away from home in the size of a backpack. The Swedish based tent manufacturer have taken the lessons learned from traditional Sami Tipi’s and applied these to modern camping to create a spacious, durable and incredibly long lasting range of tents.

Designed for both family camping and extreme expeditions the shape of the Tentipi tents is incredibly resistant to weather and wind while still offering the capabilities of having an open fire or using an Eldfell Stove for heating and cooking.

The Tentipi tents range in size making them perfect for one person and a dog all the way up to 15 person tents and the Safirflex which opens out to create a covered shelter of an incredible 40m². Not only can you choose the size of your Tipi to make it the perfect addition to your basecamp but the range is also offered in a selection of models from the top of the line Safir collection, to the durable and functional Zirkon collection or the entry level Onyx.

Safir is the most popular of the Tentipi offerings thanks to its world class construction which means the tent can truly be considered a tent for life. By using the worlds best poly-cotton blend along with functional ventilation systems and mosquito netting Tentipi have created a tent which will perform just as well in the expanses of Greenland as on a campsite in the Lakes.

You can read more about the story of Tentipi on our blog post celebrating Tentipi: 8 Pegs, 1 Pole.

If you need help choosing the right Tentipi have a look at our Tentipi buying guide.

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