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Gransfors Bruk Axes

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Gransfors Bruk is one of the most respected axe producers on the planet and since 1902 the brand have been handforging Swedish axes from their small hamlet in Southern Sweden. With a worldwide reputation for quality, durability and environmental responsibility the company has grown to become arguably the world’s finest producer of axes.

With over 100 years experience in hand forging axes the reputation that Gransfors Bruk have acquired is well deserved. Each axe is designed to fulfil a particular function and falls into one of four categories; Forest Axes, Splitting Axes, Logbuilding Tools and Double Bit Axes. As each axe head is forged it is stamped with the initials of the master Smith who made it. The use of these stamped heads has lead to a demand for axes made from particular smiths including the famous LP (Lennart Pettersson) who has now retired meaning these axes are particularly sought after.

Gransfors Bruk axes are designed to last a lifetime so regardless if you have purchased the Small Forest Axe or the Splitting Maul you can rest assured it will be something you can hand down the generations. Each Axe comes with a twenty year warranty from manufacturing defaults and can be maintained in its finest form using the brands sharpening and care tools.

As a company with strong green credentials Gransfors are aware of their responsibility to the land they live on and the materials they work with. The Axe producer have pledged to only manufacture axes that have as little possible impact on the environment and create quality through longevity.

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      Gransfors Bruk FAQ

      Where are Gransfors Bruk Axes made?

      Despite growing to become one of the most respected and iconic Axe manufacturers in the world, Gransfors Bruk still undertake all of their production from the small Swedish hamlet of Gransfors in Southern Sweden. From an unassuming forge tucked away in the forest the company use traditional techniques to create quality Swedish axes. If you're interested in the process behind making a Gransfors Bruk axe then you can even visit the factory and receive a guided tour of production!

      How old are Gransfors Bruk?

      Gransfors Bruk have been hand forging Swedish axes since 1902 and have grown to become one of the leading axe producers in the world. In the time since the company was founded many forges have closed down and Gransfors is now one of only 4 forges remaining in Scandinavia.

      What makes Swedish Axes so special?

      Gransfors Bruk are one of a handful of Swedish axe producers still operating today and they have helped develop Sweden's reputation as the best country for axe production in the world. Swedish Axe's are still made with the techniques and knowledge which have been passed down through generations and these products are built to last. Gransfors Bruk axes are still handforged and the heads are stamped with the smiths initials to act as a mark of quality. All Gransfors Bruk axes come with a 20 year warranty against manufacturing defects on the head, meaning when treated well they can be passed down through generations.

      What are the letters on the head of a Gransfors Bruk axe?

      Gransfors Bruk axes are handforged by professional smiths who use traditional machinery and techniques. As a mark of quality, each axe produced is then stamped with the initials of the smith next to the company's crown label. If you are interested in finding out the name of the Smith who crafted your axe then all of their details are available within the Axe Book provided with every product sold.

      Can I get a Gransfors Bruk Axe stamped LP (Lennart Pettersson)?

      With the smith's stamps available on every axe produced, this means that over the years some initials have become more in demand. Blacksmith Lennart Pettersson is one of the most famous names in the history of Gransfors Bruk - having helped develop the product range and designing the iconic Small Hatchet. One of the most common questions we receive is "Do you have any axes stamped by LP"? Unfortunately Lennart Petterson has now retired from Gransfors Bruk meaning the axes he produced are now out of circulation. If you do have an old Gransfors Bruk axe at home it's worth checking the initials as those produced with the stamp LP are now rarities and there is a growing demand from the collectors market.

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