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Hilleberg Tent Guide

Compare the different Hilleberg tent models

Since Bo Hilleberg established the company during a 1971 skiing trip to Austria Hilleberg has grown to become one of the most respected tent manufacturers in the world. To this day the company remains within the Hilleberg family and is widely considered to be within the top 1% of tents available on the market. Whether you are looking to take a camping trip with the family or tackle some of the most extreme weather conditions solo you will find a Hilleberg tent which is perfect for your needs. 

All Hilleberg tents are graded into label categories which describe their strength and weight with the Black label tents being the strongest tents available with a tear strength of 18kg and are suitable for all season camping. The red label tents provide a similar level of strength and are classic all season models while being slightly lighter and if you are looking for the lightest tents available then you can shop the Hilleberg Yellow label tents. 

Remember there is no such thing as the 'best' tent but it is important to choose the right tent for you. Find the ideal Hilleberg tent for you by comparing the different models’ sizes, reliability, pitching difficulty, and other specifications.