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Swedish glove maker Hestra is favoured among skiers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide because of the warmth, protection, durability and fingertip sensitivity that their products offer in the most varied conditions. Hestra has created outstanding gloves for many years including the Wakayama Gloves and Army Leather Heli Ski Glove.
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      Hestra FAQ

      Where are Hestra Gloves from?

      Hestra is one of the most respected glove manufacturer in the world and were founded in the small village of Hestra, in Southern Sweden. Having been founded in 1936 the company is now in its fourth generation of family ownership and retails in over 40 different countries.

      Where are Hestra ski gloves made?

      Thanks to Hestra’s growth as a company since those early years they now have four factories in which Hestra gloves are produced. Hestra factories can be found in Hungary, Vietnam, Pinghu (China) and Eurogant (China). All of these factories are owned exclusively by Hestra with the exception of Pinghu which is a joint venture with one of the brands most important suppliers. At each of these factories the key focuses are supporting the workers while maintaining quality control throughout the entire production process.

      How do I know my size in Hestra Gloves?

      If you're unsure about what size to take in Hestra Gloves then the general rule of thumb is to use your US shoe size. For most people this will give you a well fitted glove perfect for your needs. To be extra sure you are purchasing the right size however you can use the Nordic Outdoor Hestra Size Guide.

      Are Hestra Ski Gloves Warm?

      Hestra Ski Gloves are designed specifically for long afternoons out on the slope, and for this reason are designed to be warm. When you're looking for additional warmth for long periods outdoors you should consider a liner glove (which comes standard with many Hestra Gloves) as this can increase heat retention by around 20%.

      Should I buy Hestra Gloves or Hestra Mittens?

      Depending on your specific requirements it is often a matter of taste whether gloves or mittens are most suitable. While gloves offer more freedom and better dexterity, mittens do tend to be warmer as they allow the fingers to share heat. If you're choosing a glove for your winter activities then it's important to consider how you will be using this and how much movement and freedom you need within your Hestra Gloves.

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