4 Man Tents

Hilleberg 4 person tents are perfect for group expeditions. The Keron 4 GT, has an extended vestibule to allow for everyone to fit their things within the tent or for a dog. The Saitaris is a unique tent with an extended height area in the sleeping area. This allows for a more spacious experience inside to truly make it feel like a home away from home. The Kaitum 4 GT, allows for easy access in an out with its two doors and two vestibules, meaning no one will get in the way of someone else.  

Hilleberg uses the highest materials within their tents such as their UV resistant lightweight outer material. The brand has been trying to push the boundaries of what is possible with each new tent. The poles are carefully selected depending on the purpose of the tent, the yellow and red labels receive 9mm poles which offer plenty of strength while still being lightweight whilst the tougher black label tents receive 10mm poles to help them brave all conditions.