Since we first stumbled out of our caves 2.5 million years ago fire has been the central point for shared experiences and offers the chance to reconnect with those around us. Snow Peak call this unique experience ‘Takibi Time’ – the art of gathering together around a fire, sharing experiences and enjoying time away from our hectic schedules. As part of the Japanese brands commitment to this ethos of Takibi time you will find much of their collection focuses around the firepit or grill as a central point of any setup. Starting from the firepit you can build on your collection with the Jikaro firering table before adding a selection of chairs for you to enjoy the experience with your friends.

While Takibi time is an intrinsically social event Snow Peak have also recognised the beauty of spending solitary time in the outdoors and being in nature alone. For this reason their firepit collection extends from solo stoves to group firepits to cover every adventure of every size.

In the latest Nordic Outdoor blog we will look at the range of Snow Peak firepits and break down the sizing, setup and how you can build on these kits to create your own perfect version of Takibi Time.

Construction of Snow Peak Firepits

Snow Peak are known for their quality and durability so it’s no surprise to see that the Firepits are constructed using the same care and attention that’s evident throughout the collection. Through years of trials and experience, speaking with customers and building on the base ideas the brand have created a range of firepits which will outlast any adventure. The Japanese brand are so confident in the quality of their stoves and firepits that all Snow Peak products now come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults and defects.

Snow Peak has its origins in the metal work region of Tsubame Japan which is renowned worldwide for their craftsmanship and quality. While much of the Snow Peak collection is constructed using titanium the firepits are made using a 1.5mm thick chrome coated steel with perfectly positioned welds and airholds. The beauty of using Stainless Steel for the firepit instead of single walled titanium is that Steel conducts heat less meaning the legs remain cool throughout use and live up to Snow Peaks leave no trace mentality.

While the construction and the design of all the Snow Peak fires varies the one thing you will notice throughout the entire collection is the attention to detail and blend of functionality and style. While we often admire Snow Peak for their simplistic designs – it is in truth, incredibly complex to make these firepits and mechanics work so well and so effortlessly.

Now that we understand a little more about the construction of the Snow Peak firepits and the durability of this kit let’s look a little closer at the options to help you create the perfect Takibi Time.

Snow Peak Takibi Fire & Grill

Snow Peak Takibi Fire & Grill

The most popular selection in the Snow Peak firepit range is the brands Takibi Fire & Grill. Perfect as the centrepiece for any outdoor cookout or as the focal point of your next basecamp the kit is ideal for use for groups of 4+.

The five piece kit includes the Pack & Carry Fireplace (L), Grill Net, Grill Bridge, Baseplate and Carry case and when bought as a set represents a £61 saving than buying all of the units independently.

The portable fireplace folds down in one effortless movement and can be setup with absolutely no prior experience. The welding to the hinges and perfectly positioned air holes allow for excellent airflow to create the perfect fire to sit around or cook over. The Grill net can then sit over your firepit at three differing heights depending on the heat required and the grill net can be cooked on directly or swapped out with another accessory from the Snow Peak collection.

Weighing in at 14.5kg and 12” tall the Takibi Fire and Grill can become the centrepiece of your collection and sits perfectly within the middle of the Jikaro Firering table. If you’re going to be cooking over the Takibi then why not upgrade your setup with the firetool set pro and the fireside gloves to ensure you safely create the most heat possible for your adventure.

Another recent addition to the Snow Peak collection which can further enhance your enjoyment of the Takibi Fire & Grill is the Snow Peak Floga. This nifty bit of kit simply attaches to the top of the fireplace when the grill net and grill bridge are not in use. By altering the flow of air hitting the Fire and Grill the Floga improves the combustion process and reduces the amount of fuel needed to keep the fire going. Along with this the Floga reduces the amount of smoke coming out of the fire and also pushes this smoke directly upwards meaning you can wake up in the morning without your entire outfit smelling like refined campfire.

Snow Peak Fireplace Starter Set

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Snow Peak Fireplace Starter Set (Large)

Using the same firepit as the base for this collection the starter set offers a slightly slimmed down version of the Takibi kit discussed above. The Fireplace Starter set includes the Fireplace (Large), Carry case, baseplate and Coal bed and reflects a £50 saving in comparison to buying all components individually.

The Fireplace starter set is perfect for those looking to use the fireplace for heat and as the centrepoint of their basecamp. The coal bed is a great addition when using the firepit for cooking however as part of this set you will need to purchase the Fireplace Grill Bridge and Fireplace Grill net separately or use an alternative grill attachment to cook over. The use of the coal bed when cooking provides a real benefit as it will more evenly distribute and retain heat than when simply cooking directly over a fuel source such as wood or coal.

Snow Peak pack and carry small

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Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace (Small)

If the Takibi Fire & Grill ticks all the boxes that you’re looking for but is just a little too big for your needs then why not start out with the Small Pack & Carry fireplace. Constructed using the same method with the same mechanics this is just a miniaturised version of the large fireplace. Weighing in at only 1.8kg and standing 20cm high the small pack & carry fireplace is the perfect size for 1-2 people and can provide the ideal cooking area when you’re out in nature but want to leave no trace. The fireplace is shipped with a nylon carry bag for ease of transport however you can upgrade this to the Canvas bag for additional durability.

Much like the Large Pack & Carry fireplace you can adapt the small version for cooking with the addition of the grill net and for better heat distribution you can add in the small coal bed. Unlike the Large Firepit the grill for the small version comes in one unit meaning you don’t need to purchase the bridge and the net separately.

When the Pack & Carry fireplace first arrived at Nordic Outdoor in late Spring my first reaction was to take one straight down to the beach and begin cooking. In the end the fireplace provided the perfect companion for a full afternoon by the water and then once I had finished cooking it was just a matter of loading the fire up again to create a cosy fireplace for watching the sunset.

Snow Peak Takibi Solo

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Snow Peak Takibi Solo

The newest addition to the Snow Peak fireplace collection is the brands Takibi Solo. This new model is the result of customer feedback through the years and - spoiler alert – we love it.

Snow Peak run regular camping events for customers and retailers called The Snow Peak Way which they use to see how people interact and react to the range of kit and gather feedback.

One of the pieces of feedback they received was from solo campers who loved the Small Pack & Carry Fireplace but found the shape and length of the product restrictive when cooking with wood. They found that the shape of the smallest pack and carry didn’t allow for full logs to be burned and instead they would need to cut the wood down to size before use. Snow Peak took this response from the customers and created a brand new product to try and solve this problem.

The Takibi Solo is a longer model of fireplace which will comfortably hold a whole log to reduce the amount of cutting required at basecamp. The design is a new approach from Snow Peak and uses two legs, a stove body and a baseplate rather than the foldable design of the Pack & Carry model. Perfect for use by solo adventurers the Takibi Solo isn’t shipped with a grill however is fully compatible with the Grill Stainless Half pro to allow you to turn this into the perfect cooking surface for those wildnerness feasts.

Shipped with a storage case the Takibi Solo weighs in at 4.3kg with a height of 39cm and a length of 48cm. We think this is a great addition to the Snow Peak fireplace collection and would make the perfect gift for any outdoor lover looking to upgrade their kit and leave no trace on their next adventure.

Shop the Snow Peak Takibi Solo (£149.95)


Building on your Snow Peak Fireplace

The beauty of the Snow Peak collection is that the fireplace is just the beginning and you can build on this with a range of accessories and add-ons.

For those who are looking to create an impressive fire then look no further than the Fire Tool Set pro and the Fireside gloves which will keep your hands protected from the heat no matter the size of the flames.

If cooking is more of your jam then we’d suggest looking at the Snow Peak Tramezzino which can be used to create the perfect toasted sandwiches or can be separated to create two individual grills pans. When we’re using the tramezzino to create a lightening fast cheese toastie we will bury the stainless steel element within the coals and this provides a super quick cook – it’s worth noting that doing this will blacken the unit however this causes no material damage.

We could talk all day about the Snow Peak collection and where to go from the firepit. From the cooking set to the field master coffee kit, the titanium cutlery to the double walled mugs. The main takeaway however is that this kit is built to last and the fact that it looks the business is just a bonus. We’re not waiting for summer to come back around before getting out with our kit and the Snow Peak firepits mean we can tackle the winter with a little more confidence this year.


Shop the full Snow Peak collection online and instore now at Nordic Outdoor. Keep an eye on the website for restocks of some of the most popular styles and if you’ve got a question about the collection then don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info