Hilleberg Red Label

Hilleberg red label tents are the perfect middle ground. If you are someone who seeks adventures in a range of climates and areas, then the red label will suit your needs perfectly. Designed to be able to withstand almost all weather you will feel safe at night when sleeping in one of these, additionally weight reduction was not overlooked with red label. These tents are still light and able to be carried almost anywhere. If you're on a lone expedition then a tent such as the akto would be perfect, or If you're on a 2 or 3 person adventure then the Allak 2 or 3 can meet all your needs.  

Beginning due to Bo Hilleberg’s frustration with flimsy tents that require the setup of an inner tent that was then covered by a weak outer rain fly he was set on making a tent that would resolve these issues. Each detail of a Hilleberg tent is meticulously thought about resulting in their being a perfect tent for anybody no matter what your specialisation is.