Which is the best Fjallraven trouser?

Since the 1960s Fjallraven has been producing some of the best outdoor clothing and equipment on the market. No matter your experience level or the outdoor discipline you subscribe to, Fjallraven will almost certainly have a piece of kit that will make your life a whole lot easier. 

Fjallraven is a hugely popular brand among our staff and customers alike due to the extreme versatility and well-roundedness of their product line. One downside of their extensive product line is that it can be a little bit daunting for a newcomer to the brand. When you stock as many Fjallraven jackets and trousers as we do it’s inevitable that we get a couple of calls a day looking for an answer to the question “which are the right trousers for me?”. Outdoor clothing, especially the higher-end brands like Fjallraven and Amundsen, is an investment, and like all investments, it’s important to thoroughly research what you’re buying or you could end up getting stung.

So, as many of our customers have put it, which are the best Fjallraven trousers? (or as our American customers like to ask "which is the best Fjallraven Pant?") Well to answer that it’s important that we first look at the history of Fjallraven. To figure out the best of Fjallraven it’s important to have an understanding of what it is that sets Fjallraven aside in the outdoor clothing market. 

A brief overview of Fjallraven

Founded in 1960 by Ake Nordin, Fjallraven's mission statement from the very start has been the design of outdoor clothing and equipment that effortlessly blends style and function. The result has been 60 years of high-quality clothing that allows its wearers to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and look good doing it.

Clever design and a dedication to sustainable production aside, what really makes Fjallraven stand out from their competitors is their signature G-1000 material. Since their inception, Fjallraven has become a staple on the campsites and mountainsides of the world and it is thanks in no small part to this wonder fabric. 


G-1000 was first developed in 1968 and has since become Fjallraven’s flagship material. It's a densely woven fabric made using a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. They use it in everything from their backpacks to their jackets and it’s easy to see why. At the time of writing there are 5 variations of G-1000 but all share similar key qualities;

Due to the tight weave used when making G-1000, all 5 variations are durable, breathable and will offer you degrees of protection from the sun, wind and rain on their own and allows G-1000 to outperform other similar polycottons. As an added bonus G-1000 garments can also utilize a secret weapon; Fjallravens Greenland Wax


Greenland wax is what really brings Fjallraven to the next level. Made from high-quality beeswax and paraffin, Greenland wax can be applied to any piece of G-1000 clothing or equipment. To apply simply rub the wax on dry from the bar, then melt into the fabric using an iron, radiator or campfire. The benefits of using Greenland Wax are numerous. The main use is to add layers of waterproofness to your garment.

You can add as many layers of wax to your garment to make it more and more resistant to the weather. The icing on the cake however is that the wax is easily removed by machine washing! 

This means that in the summer your G-1000 trousers can have no wax, making them breathable and lightweight. Then when winter hits you simply add some layers of wax to boost your trousers' weather resistance. Greenland Wax G-1000 turns your 1-2 season kit into a 4 season wonder for minimal extra cost. 

If you need more detailed information on the process of applying wax check out our guide here, or better yet give us a call or a visit!

The Nordic Outdoor Stock

At Nordic Outdoor we are constantly rotating our stock to fit the needs of seasons. This guide to the “Best Fjallraven Trouser” will therefore be mostly influenced by what we have in stock year-round. If you see a pair of trousers mentioned in this guide but can’t find them on our website then please get in touch as they may come back!

When it comes to Fjallraven trousers our best-seller, and the pair we see most often at trade shows and campsites, is the Vidda Pro. Does this answer the question of “which is the best Fjallraven trouser?” Absolutely not! We have a number of competitors to go through before making that decision but it’s a great place to start.

Fjallraven Sizing 2024

One of the most difficult things that our customers find when it comes to picking a pair of Fjallraven trousers - is understanding which size they need.

Traditionally this was made more difficult as Fjallraven do not only use European sizing for their waist measurements but also used a graded leg length system. From Autumn Winter 2023 however Fjallraven introduced a more standardized leg length system which should make finding the perfect trousers for you a little easier! Now when you are shopping the Fjallraven trouser collection you can rest easy knowing the short legged trousers have an inseam of 30", Regular features a 32" inseam and Long Leg version features a 34" leg. 

While this introduction of standardised sizing is great for new customers and people trying Fjallraven for the first time it is something which can catch out our loyal Fjallraven customers who have been wearing the brand for years! If you're looking to upgrade your Fjallraven trousers and haven't purchased a pair since this change in 2023 then please refer to the size guide below to find your perfect fit.


The Vidda Pro and Vidda Pro Ventilated

Best For: Trekking, Bushcraft

The main idea behind the Vidda Pro is durability. If you find yourself with a pair they’ll be in use for a very long time. These rugged trousers are built to take a beating thanks to their G-1000 construction. They’re reinforced at the knee and behind for extra protection when kneeling or sitting.

To our mind, you’re unlikely to find a better trouser for hardcore and casual camping trips. Anything where freedom of movement is second to durability. Compared to some of the other trousers produced by Fjallraven the Vidda Pro is relatively free of frills. That isn’t to say it doesn’t have some nifty design features and useful additions though. The Vidda Pro is the real workhorse of the Fjallraven trouser line up and comes complete with a Map pocket, axe pocket/knife pocket, internal safety pocket. Kneepads can be inserted for bonus protection.


This isn’t to say that the Vidda Pro is perfect. The benefits to durability come at the expense of some breathability and freedom of movement. If you’re planning to take quick-paced, multi-day hikes in warmer conditions these probably aren’t the right trousers for you. 

The Vidda Pro ventilated is an updated version of the classic Vidda pro and has some added features to help combat sweaty legs on long hikes. Namely generous ventilated openings from the knees to hips and a slimmer fit to increase ease of movement. 

A rather exciting recent developement from Fjallraven was the release of a short legged version of the Vidda Pro and the Vidda Pro ventilated. This opens up the Vidda pro to a whole new market. The short legged versions of the Vidda Pro and Vidda Pro Ventilated are available from Nordic Outdoor now. If you have any questions about the fitting and sizing of these you can contact any of our stores with questions.

Judging by our reviews customers love the Vidda Pro with an average 5-Star and comments such as; “Great trousers for the outdoors, tough, comfortable, allow for lots of movement and quick drying. I've had many pairs of these and wear them all the time for work & recreation.”

So are the Vidda Pros the best Fjallraven trouser? Again we reiterate these would be our go-to trousers for camping, bushcraft and outdoor activities where you need strength and durability. If you’re rock climbing or going on a truly technically challenging, multi-day hike there are absolutely better options and we’ll go into them now. 


Keb Trousers

Best For: Trekking

For our customers undertaking rigorous treks which may feature climbing the Keb trouser is our go-to recommendation. The Keb is a technically advanced trekking trouser which optimizes freedom of movement whilst not compromising on protection and durability.

The Keb features heavy-duty G-1000 eco on the rear, front of the legs, the knees and on the inside bottom of the legs, which is also reinforced with a double layer of fabric to withstand wear from hiking boots. These panels of G-1000 eco are connected by stretch fabric allowing your body full ease of movement. When combined with the optimised fit the Keb trousers are an absolute dream for those who find themselves being active outdoors. 

The Keb comes with a series of other features that make them a technical hikers dream come true. Two leg pockets with pocket cover flap, one with a zip and one with a mesh pocket inside for bits and bobs. The high hand pockets mean you can sit, comfortable in the knowledge your brand new fire steel won’t fall out.
There is also a hook to secure your ski boot or hiking boot. A ventilation zip at the side is perfect for releasing heat when you’re making that final push uphill.

In reviews from our customers regarding the Keb trousers it is the comfort of the stretch material which continually comes up, with comments such as; “On point, quality material and super comfortable. Loads of storage and dry quick when wet”

So is the Keb the best Fjallraven trouser? If you find yourself wanting a trouser with excellent freedom of movement but still wanting some protection from the elements and your surroundings then we can think of no better! However, if your needs differ then there are other Fjallraven trousers up to the task! Whether you favour comfort or durability there are many models to choose from that offer differing blends of the two.

Kaipak Trousers

Best For: Everyday Outdoors

The Kaipak is designed to be a hard-wearing yet versatile trouser. Capable of tackling outdoor activities in a wide range of conditions but won’t look out of place in your local coffee shop. 

Stretch panels connecting the durable G-1000 eco allow for a great range of movement. As mentioned before the G-1000 adds to the versatility of the Kaipak making it a useful addition to your hiking wardrobe. 

Customers continually highlight the lightweight material used in the Kaipak when compared to other products in the Fjallraven collection. This Five-Star review highlights the trousers benefits compared to the Vidda Pro; “Very comfortable – fabric is lightweight and stretch panels are well-placed. Also seem hardwearing. Waterproofing seems pretty good. Sizes seem to run large, however.”

The Kaipak is best seen as a good middle ground between comfort and durability. If you’re looking for lighter, trousers like the High Coast Hike will definitely offer this. If you want heavier, then the aforementioned Vidda Pro will offer more protection. However, for a good marriage of the two, the Kaipak is our recommendation.


To conclude

As you may have gathered by now there is no definite answer to the question “which Fjallraven trouser is the best?” Anyone attempting to sell you the “Best trouser Fjallraven make” shouldn’t be trusted! 

The best Fjallraven trouser is the one that suits your needs best. Whether you’re a weekend camper, a mountain climber, or a bushcrafter, pop down to one of our stores and have a chat with some of our staff members. We’ll be happy to help you find your next favourite piece of kit.

If you feel confident that you know which of the Fjallraven range will suit you best then you can shop online, and for a limited time we are offering 20% Off All Fjallraven trousers! Follow these links to shop the full range or Fjallraven Mens Trousers and Fjallraven Womens Trousers at Nordic Outdoor.