Fjallraven have been a mainstay here at Nordic Outdoor since we had our first stores and in this time the brand has grown to become one of the biggest names in outdoor clothing and a benchmark for quality and durability. When customers come to us looking for a pair of hiking trousers which will be rugged enough to endure full day adventures and offers the right blend of breathability and water resistance, we tend to point them straight to our range of Fjallraven outdoor trousers.

Fjallraven trousers offer a whole host of benefits for those of us needing a reliable pair of outdoor trousers and have been designed through years of use and experience. The G-1000 fabric most Fjallraven trousers are constructed from is the cornerstone of Fjallravens reputation. The fabric is a polycotton blend which offers unrivalled breathability and durability and can be combined with the brands Greenland wax to increase the water-resistant properties of your garment.

Along with the durability of the G-1000 fabric the entire range of Fjallraven trousers have been designed for a life spent outdoors. From the reinforced patches on the knees and rear which runs through the collection (the knee openings also allow for the addition of a kneepad) to the countless pockets, lace loops and ventilation zips – these are trousers built with the wild in mind.

Below you’ll see a quick rundown of some of the most popular Fjallraven trousers we stock at Nordic Outdoor before we break down the Fjallraven trouser size guide to help you pick the right size for your wardrobe.

Vidda Pro Trouser Size Guide

Vidda Pro & Vidda Pro Ventilated

The Fjallraven Vidda Pro trouser is the brands best selling option and a classic outdoor style. Constructed using the original G-1000 material the trousers are regular fitting with a mid waist and reinforced detailing to the knees and rear. The trouser offers a kneepad opening for the addition of a kneepad, a boot hook and buttoned strap adjustment at the cuff – all details which add comfort and security in the field. For those who need to always have their kit accessible the Vidda Pro trousers offer six pockets including a multi-tool pocket to the thigh alongside three large button close pockets.

The Vidda Pro is also available in a Ventilated version which sees some slight tweaks to the classic style. In the Ventilated option there is a slightly slimmer fit, four way stretch inseam and ventilation zips to help regulate temperature on those balmy afternoons in the great outdoors.

Keb trousers size guide

Keb Trouser

The Keb trousers from Fjallraven are a serious pair of outdoor slacks. Designed for freedom of movement and durability on more challenging treks the trousers are constructed with the more sustainable G-1000 eco material which utilises recycled polyester in the polycotton blend.

The first thing you notice when wearing a pair of Keb is the stretch fabric which runs throughout the trousers alongside the G-1000 reinforced panels to the front and rear of the trousers. With two button close thigh pockets and two hand pockets the style is completed with the addition of generous ventilation zippers, detachable strap adjustments at leg endings and loops for stirrups on the waist.

Kaipak Trouser Size Guide

Kaipak Trouser

A great pair of all-round outdoor trousers, the Kaipak from Fjallraven are designed to work just as well on the trail as they do for everyday use. Constructed using the sustainable G-1000 Eco material the trousers feature an articulated fit with stretch panels to the back yoke, crotch and back of the knees.

While the Kaipak trousers are only available in the longer leg the style offers leg endings with strap adjustments and boot hooks to allow you to adjust the fit to get it perfect for your needs.


How to find your size in Fjallraven Trousers?

While there is no debate on the quality, durability, and longevity of Fjallraven trousers we do see customers tend to find the sizing confusing. Due to the Scandinavian sizing of the trousers finding the right size for you might prove something of a minefield. Below we’re going to try and explain the UK Sizing in Fjallraven trousers to help you get the perfect fit.


When picking a pair of Fjallraven trousers length will be the first barrier to cross. Originally the trousers were available in only a regular and a long leg length however in recent seasons the brand have began to offer a short-legged version in some of their most popular styles including the Vidda Pro and the Keb Trousers.

Fjallraven trousers are cut using what’s known as a graded leg length meaning that the bigger the waist on the trousers, the longer the leg. The graded leg length system runs across regular and long leg Fjallraven trousers, the short legged version has a standard 30” inseam.

When picking a pair of outdoor trousers it is worth remembering that these should comfortably cover the top of your boots and while you may often look to take a short 30” leg in jeans or everyday trousers you should look at a slightly longer style for your outdoor trousers.


The Fjallraven sizing system does not run in the traditional inch system used by most denim and trouser brands in the UK. Instead of running in waist sizes 30”, 32” etc the brand runs in a size range between 40-60 which does not correlate directly with either inches or cm sizing.

To help you find the perfect size in Fjallraven trousers we’ve compiled the below chart which provides a reference point. It is worth noting at this point that some trousers such as the Kaipak are only available in a longer leg length.


Fjallraven trouser size blog


Worked out your perfect size?

With the aid of the above information, you have hopefully discovered the perfect size in Fjallraven trousers for you. You can shop the full collection online now and if you still have questions don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call on 0131 552 3000 at which point we can help you pick the perfect pair.