The name Fjallraven is synonymous with adventure, slow adventure. The Swedish Outdoor clothing specialists have developed a reputation across the globe for not only creating durable outdoor kit, but also being champions of the outdoors and encouraging others to take on adventures of every size. One of the most famous events on the outdoor calendar is the Fjallraven Classic which has been a staple since 2005. The aim of the classic is to help both those new and experienced in the outdoors to work on their skills such as confidence and self-reliance. The brand hopes that once you have completed one of their trips you feel more knowledgeable and are hopefully able to then pass on this new knowledge to even more people in the world. For 2024 the Scandinavian brand brings back the much demanded UK Classic, with an entirely new route taking in the wonders of The Lake District – just a stones throw from our Keswick store. In the latest Nordic Outdoor blog we take a closer look at the history of Fjallraven, what the Classic is and what to expect from the Fjallraven UK Classic 2024.


Fjallraven History

In 1950 Swedish outdoor lover Ake Nordin felt the need for a backpack that could both carry all his gear but also sit comfortably on his back. Taking inspiration from this gap in the market he created an initial prototype with a wooden frame using his mum’s sewing machine and his dad’s tools in his basement. This initial spark of inspiration began Ake’s journey of innovation and creativity to find a better solution to the problems facing outdoor lovers around the world.

In 1969 Ake founded Fjallraven, with the first product launched being an aluminium frame backpack, this compared to his previous creation was much lighter whilst still being strong enough to carry all his gear. Throughout the 60s and 70s, Ake began to expand the brand in terms of what they produced to other outdoor essentials he believed needed work. Fjallraven began making tents, sleeping bags, jackets and trousers. Some of the products created in these early days of Fjallraven are still incredibly popular to this day including the Kanken backpack and the Greenland Jacket.

During the 80’s and 90’s the brand began to focus its attention on expanding their reach, firstly across Scandinavia and then Europe. At this same time Ake came to the realisation that currently he was only making products for those who were already avid outdoors people and was doing little to encourage people outwith this community to experience the outdoors. Through this realisation he organised the Fjallraven Classic in 2005, a 110km trek through northern Sweden, the first of its kind put on by a brand, and still the most famous to this day.


History of the Fjallraven Classic

 Initially in 1979 Ake offered what was called Fjallraven Weeks, these were the precursor to the Classic and were a smaller form of it. In 2005 is when what we know now as the Classic was organised. Ake wanted to introduce the outdoors to more people rather than just focusing on improving the lives of already avid outdoors enthusiasts. The first one took place in northern Sweden going across the long distance Kungsleden (‘Kings Trail’).  

To this day the Fjallraven Classic in Sweden continues to be the brands flagship event and one of the most in-demand event on the outdoor calendar. Stretching across 110km the event takes in some of the most breathtaking beauty on offer in Sweden with terrain changing throughout the week. Thanks to the Swedish concept of ‘Allemansratten’ (Every man’s right) participants are able to camp at any point along the route and participants strictly adhere to the mindset of ‘leave no trace’. It’s not just the walking which sets the Swedish Classic apart however, the event includes a number of distinctly Swedish features including Lap Danalds, the opportunity to climb Kebnekaise and even the occasional Reindeer.

With the success of the Fjallraven Classic in Sweden the brand began to arrange new events around the globe and for 2024 there will be seven walks in total. The newest addition to the Calendar is the Chilean Classic which will take in 74km of Southern Patagonia over 4 days. Classic’s in Korea and the US offer a chance to explore some further reaches of these beautiful countries while closer to home you can spend time with Fjallraven trekking the expanses of Denmark and Germany in these countries home Classics.


Fjallraven UK Classic

Originally introduced in 2022 the Fjallraven UK Classic was initially a four-day trek throughout the Scottish Cairngorms. Taking in 67km of some of the best scenery in the UK the event was blessed with a break in the weather and saw hikers stop at checkpoints for Shortbread, Whisky and other Scottish refreshments.

After taking a years hiatus the UK Classic returns in 2024 with a brand new route taking in the beauty of the Lake District. Kicking off in the iconic Langdale Valley the route covers 50km over three days taking in Lakes, Mountains and Valleys. Walking in the footsteps of bygone shepherds and pack ponies hikers will travel through traditional Lakeland villages, pass Neolithic landmarks and finish at a castle by the sea!

The UK Classic 2024 is scheduled in from the 17th – 20th September where the weather can add an additional element into the mix. Due to land access rights in England the UK Classic does have designated camping zones for participants however the hike itself is an independent trip where you can be as sociable (or antisocial!) as you choose and go at your own pace for the duration of the Classic.  



What to pack for the UK Fjallraven Classic

 If this is your first experience of a multi-day hike then planning what to pack can be overwhelming. The good news is that Fjallraven provide a list of mandatory items to bring along to ensure you are safe, comfortable and protected during the event.

This starts at basics with a 65 / 75 litre backpack with a rain cover to hold all of your equipment, remember you are going to be carrying this rucksack for three days so it’s important to choose a model which is comfortable on your back and shoulders. Inside your bag you should pack a sleeping bag and tent – if you are travelling solo then a lightweight one-person tent would be the ideal choice however if travelling as part of a group you could share the load of a slightly heavier (and roomie) two-person tent. While food is provided throughout the classic you will need to bring a small stove and firelighting kit to cook your food on and we would suggest looking at the Light My Fire Bio range for some packable and sustainable cutlery and crockery.

As the old adage goes ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’ and having the right kit will be the deciding factor on how much you enjoy your Fjallraven Classic experience. Starting at your baselayers we would suggest Merino Wool leggings and baselayer tops from Aclima are the perfect foundation for any trekking outfit. Breathable, moisture-wicking and odour resistant the right Merino Wool will keep you comfortable for the entire duration of the Classic and thanks to the anti-bacterial properties you only need to pack one set! When it comes to picking the right trekking trousers for the Classic we would suggest looking into our selection of Men’s trousers and Women’s trousers from Fjallraven as the perfect choice – we’ve noticed the Keb Trouser seems to be the most popular option for this trip in recent years. A jacket which can move with the seasons is an important addition, the G-1000 range from Fjallraven offers some water-resistance while still allowing breathability and then a waterproof shell jacket and waterproof trousers which can be thrown on top mean you are ready to tackle all weathers over the three days!

Included with the ticket is a bin bag in order to keep the surroundings clean and waste free, a safety sheet and route map, food for your trek and gas for your stove.


What to expect on the Fjallraven Classic?

As with all Fjallraven Classic events we suggest expect the unexpected in terms of terrain, not only when packing for your expedition but also when on the trail! As our Keswick shop manager Dawn said after returning from the 2023 Swedish Classic “We would be walking on fairly gravelly paths for it then to turn into marsh land so we were walking on board walks”. It was in these moments that Dawn probably appreciated the hours spent choosing the right kit for the classic and trying it out on practise walks in the UK.

While the Classic is designed as a social event it shouldn’t be underestimated as a physical challenge, our Managing Director Caspar has undertaken three Fjallrave Classics at this point and suggests “It’s about one step at a time, pain can go away but don’t give up”. If you are finding it hard during the event then one thing which will help keep you going is the community aspect. Everyone who returns from undertaking a Fjallraven event comments on the way they laughed with perfect strangers and shared meals, memories and struggles with people who would go on to become close friends and lifetime companions.

While we can hark on for days about what you should pack, how you should train or what you should wear the main piece of advice we can give is to approach the Fjallraven Classic with an open mind. The beauty of these events is the mixing pot of cultures, backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints who all converge in one spot with a shared love for adventure. When you have the opportunity to help a fellow hiker or spark up a conversation then take it – it’s often these little moments which lead to the biggest changes!


How can I participate in the Fjallraven Classic

The tickets for the UK Fjallraven Classic were released in March 2024 and sold out in less than a day meaning it might be too late to join the party this year. The demand and popularity of this even shows that the outdoor scene is alive and well and that we can expect to see future events landing in the UK.

If this blog has you inspired to take on a challenge then why not create your own mini-adventure and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for information on the Fjallraven Classic 2025 so you don’t miss out on the chance to be involved!

If you still want to know more about what the Fjallraven Classic can provide you then watch our short documentary ‘Friluftsliv’ below which tracked our MD’s journey on the Swedish Classic and how this experience helped him rediscover some of his missing ‘Swedishness’! You can also shop the full Fjallraven collection here or take a look at some of the brands newest arrivals at the bottom of this page.