Shorts & Trousers

KAVU has been making trousers since the 90s and has been improving ever since. The brand has a strong sense of style which allows them to brand out to different styles whilst still retaining the brands core look, their bottoms can be worn in almost any occasion from workwear to a slightly more dressed up style or board shorts for those days by the sea there really is a pair for every occasion.  

Comfort and ease of mind has been incorporated into each pair, this is clear in their fleece trousers but also in more subtle ways such as some featuring their iconic moon pockets allowing for easy access to anything in your pockets or hidden pockets meaning you don’t have to worry about any valuables being pickpocketed. Additionally to improve this aspect great care has been put into the materials used some short feature quick dying materials to reduce chafing or general uncomfortableness when in a situation where you may get wet, relaxed fits of some trousers provide for ease of movement, and stretchy material used in other trousers that you wouldn’t expect to.  

Due to the nature of KAVUs products they can be used for near all outdoor activities, lightweight breathable shorts are perfect for those climbs in warm weather and running. Loose fitting trousers give ease of movement paired with their adjustable built in belts they are sure to fit no matter how many layers are put on underneath or if you take on or lose a few kilograms. Reinforced seams and double knees allow for the trousers to be put to the test in terms of durability and pass.  

KAVU is constantly working towards their sustainability goal. Every part of the process is personally checked to be following their standards with them regularly visiting their factories and working backwards to ensure this.  Each product is Oeko Tex and Bluesign certified.