Keen Men’s shoes are great all-rounder shoes for physical activities. The Jasper trainers are climbing inspired while the Newport sandals are great all-rounders for any activity in warm weather such as hiking.  

Keen’s, based out of Portland Oregon manufacture all their shoes in the USA. They aim to provide good quality all-rounder shoes that can be used for any outdoor adventures. Keen use recyclable materials for their shoes and are constantly working to make their environmental footprint smaller. To this day they have spent over 11 thousand hours alone on improving their supply chains to be more environmentally economical. Keen also contribute a large portion of their profits towards charities. They have contributed 1 million dollars to tsunami relief and 2.5 million to protect nature. They also think out of the box with how to save the environment with having over 20 different size boxes to ship shoes in so that they don’t waste unnecessary space and also offer shoebox-less shipping. 

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