Shorts & Trousers

Elevate your outdoor experience with ROARK women's trousers & shorts, where fashion and functionality combine to give you the perfect outdoor clothing. With precision engineering and the infusion of innovative technologies, their trousers & shorts are created to ensure your utmost comfort, and prepare you for any exhilarating adventure that lies ahead. ROARK takes pride in offering women's trousers and shorts that are specifically designed to meet the demands of outdoor exploration. Their trousers, are constructed using stretch fabrics and some incorporate articulated knees, providing enhanced mobility. Additionally, their trousers are equipped with water-resistant coatings to shield you from the elements. Similarly, their shorts are made from quick-drying fabrics and feature moisture-wicking properties, ensuring optimal comfort during intense activities. Their trousers are equipped with features like adjustable waistbands, zippered pockets, and reinforced stitching for durability, while our shorts offer a range of lengths and fits to suit your personal style and activity level. The brand looks at functionality along with the good looks. Each pair of trousers are made with YKK zips ensuring the best performance and durability of an area that can get annoying when done badly. Each pairs have careful pocket placement as to allow for you to be able to store everything you carry but also so that they are easily accessible. ROARK takes into account that people’s hips are different and so many trousers feature either an elasticated waist or built in belt in order to allow the trousers to fit you perfectly no matter how many layers you pack underneath or if you gain or lose a few pounds. Most pairs come with reinforced stitching in order to allow for you to get the most wear out. Their trousers & shorts provide a range of versatile styles suitable for any adventure, whether it's trekking through challenging landscapes or discovering a new city. Their pairs encompass various designs, including lightweight cargo trousers that are ideal for warm-weather hikes, as well as fashionably designed shorts perfect for casual outings. Equipped with features such as UPF sun protection and integrated belt loops, their trousers & shorts ensure your comfort and protection in any environment.