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Tentipi Onyx 9 Light

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Tentipi Onyx 9 Light


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The Tentipi Onyx 9 Light offers the same amount of living space as the c/p version, but at around half the weight. Suitable for family use and on more demanding trips.

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The Tentipi Onyx 9 Light offers solid, dependable performance that's perfect for family camping and demanding outings alike. Portable, spacious and easy to pitch - Onyx is an affordable Nordic tipi that's a truly reliable friend.

The Tentipi Onyx 9 light is a simple yet versatile tent that you can carry in your backpack. The fabric is non breathable. Called Traillix B, it is a lightweight Nylon 6 fabric in a pleasing grey, PU coated on one side. Carefully selected to be waterproof after prolonged use.

Key Features:

  • 3 minutes to erect.
  • Standing room.
  • Class-leading storm resistance.
  • Use with open fire or stove.
  • Use on its own or with any model of floor or inner tent.
  • Door: Double-zip with integral mosquito protection.
  • Smoke cap: Single piece with two opening points, controllable from inside the tent.
  • Storm cords: supplied loose.
  • Hanging loop for drying.
  • Storage bag with drawcord top and compression straps.

Weight: 6.10 kg