Five of the Best Men's Spring Waterproof Jackets 2023

After what has felt like a long cold winter, Spring has finally returned! The longer days and kinder weather offer up more opportunities for trekking, camping, hiking and adventuring all across the UK. Unfortunately, however being in the UK we can’t guarantee glorious sunshine throughout Spring (or at any time of the year for that matter!) so it’s best to be prepared for any conditions.

When picking a waterproof jacket for the Spring and Summer season there are a number of factors to consider. Hopefully you will only have to resort to your waterproof when the heavens open so your jacket should be compact and light enough to pack into your rucksack without taking up too much space. Similarly since we will tend to resort to the outdoor Spring Waterproof when undertaking some relatively high intensity outdoor activity there is a fine balance to be met between waterproofness and breathability. There is no logic in wearing an incredibly waterproof jacket to summit a mountain in light drizzle if you will end up sweating out the inside due to a lack of breathability.

Wearing the right kit for your Spring adventures is key to getting the most enjoyment out of the season and for this reason picking the right waterproof jacket is something you should put some real consideration into. We’ve taken a look through all of the latest arrivals from our top brands and picked out five of the best Spring Waterproof Jackets for 2023 in the latest blog.

We’ve only scratched the surface here and you can always check out our full range of Mens Outdoor Jackets here with new arrivals from some of the best outdoor brands around including Fjällräven, Klattermusen, 66° North, Didriksons and Helly Hansen. If you’re still needing a little assistance picking the right jacket for your Springtime adventure then don’t hesitate to drop us an email on [email protected] or give us a call on 0131 552 3000.

On to the list…


66ׄ° North Mens Skaftafell Gore-Tex Infinium Jacket  - £459.95

The new Skaftafell Jacket from 66° North is one of the best all-rounder jackets in our collection this Season. Designed to withstand the changeable and challenging Icelandic climate of Iceland you can rest assured it will hold up to anything British Mother Nature can throw at it. 

Designed under the premise that the best jacket is the one you’re wearing – the Skaftafell Jacket is designed to seamlessly move from city to trail and Soggy to Sunshine. The Gore-Tex Infinium construction means that 66° North don’t consider this jacket Fully Waterproof and prefer ‘Water Resistant’ however it will offer more than sufficient protection against lighter rain and snow. It is worth noting that the Skaftafell Jacket offers Waterproofness of 10,000mm/24hrs which is above the UK standard ‘waterproof’ rating of 5000mm/24hrs but below more hardcore Gore fabrics which can be up to 28,0000mm/24hr.  

What the jacket lacks in ‘extreme’ waterproofness it more than makes up for in breathability. Designed to be an answer to the problem of ‘sweating out’ in traditional waterproof jackets. Traditional 66° North detailing is seen throughout including the handy adjustment points on the hood, hem, and cuffs which allow wearers to make their Skaftafell exactly what each situation demands.

Houdini ‘The Orange’ Jacket - £264.95

While the Skaftafell Jacket was designed with breathability in mind, the Orange jacket from Houdini was designed with weight and packability in mind. The brief when creating this product was simple, design a fully waterproof, stowable shell jacket which is no bigger than an orange when packed away. Offering full weather protection in an incredibly light (195g) and compact style, this is the sort of jacket that could sit in your backpack no matter the adventure just in case the weather changes.

To ensure the weight and packability of the jacket there are minimal details to save on weight and bulk. With a chest pocket and a hood the idea of the Orange Jacket is that you keep it in your pack until the bad weather hits, allowing you to wear more breathable and comfortable layers on your Spring hikes. When you do need to pull the Houdini Orange jacket on you will find it’s incredibly comfortable, offers high breathability and is waterproof to a standard of 20,000mm/24hr.

As with all Houdini Sportswear products it will come as no surprise that this is a super sustainable choice when it comes to upgrading your waterproof. Constructed from a recycled and recyclable polyester the jacket offers a fully circular product lifecycle to avoid unnecessary waste. Along with this the jacket is completely free from nasty chemicals and PFAS. 

If your Spring activities are focused on weight and packability such as running, mountaineering or trad climbing but you need to have a waterproof you can throw in your bag and rely on – look no further than the Houdini Orange Jacket. 

Fjällräven High Coast Hydratic Trail Jacket - £274.95

If you’ve shopped with Nordic Outdoor in the past you might have noticed that we’re big fans of Swedish outdoor specialists Fjällräven. Having worked with the brand since our earliest days our focus has always been on their water resistant, adaptable and highly breathable G-1000 fabric. For this Spring Summer however we have dipped into their waterproof offerings with two styles, the High Coast Hydratic Trail Jacket and the Vardag Hydratic Jacket. 

The High Coast Hydratic Trail jacket is a great everyday rain jacket which can easily transition into the wild for your weekend adventures. Designed for ease of use this 2.5-layer shell jacket features mechanical stretch, zippered ventilation detailing and an adjustable hood meaning you don’t need to worry about pulling it off and on as the weather makes up its mind. 

Waterproof to a rating of 10,000mm/24hr and with minimal detailing and branding this is the jacket to consider if you want something that works on both your daily commute to the office and also your weekend escape to the hills. 

Klattermusen Asynja Jacket - £348.95

It is no secret that here at Nordic HQ we love the Asynja Jacket from Klattermusen and for Spring Summer 2023 it might have arrived in the finest colour to date – Blue Granite. While there is more than enough technical detailing to get excited about with the Asynja jacket it is the fit that sets this jacket apart from the rest. As with much of the Klattermusen range the offset front zip pulls the jacket around the body making for a much cleaner cut and as always there are flashes of innovative detailing throughout. 

Designed to be the optimal summer rain cover jacket the Asynja offers waterproofness up to 20,000 g/m² with fully taped seams and a 3D-adjustable hood with integrated brim. As with all things Klattermusen, they like to do things a little different. The material used is the brands proprietary waterproof fabric, Cutan, which is soft, flexible, offers great stretch and is of course fluorocarbon free. 

Along with this the brand use their own rating system of MFR to help you decide which kit to choose for your next adventure. The Asynja sits at the top of the MFR tower with a 10 rating meaning it is fully wind and waterproof and will keep you protected in either the worst of conditions. 

Didriksons Donny Parka - £209.95

If hiking out into the extremes of nature isn’t on your to-do list and instead you’re just looking for a reliable waterproof jacket for daily use then the Donny Parka from Didriksons could be the perfect choice. Celebrating their 100th year in 2023, Didriksons have been perfecting the art of weather protection in the Swedish climate and know a thing or two about beating the rain. 

Designed for everyday use the Donny Parka has a longer cut that our other choices making it perfect for city living. Made to be worn over layers the jacket will do you for year round use and is fully wind and waterproof with taped seams. Sustainability as always is a priority for Didriksons and the Donny Parka features lining dyed using a technique which saves up to 80% water compared to conventional dyeing processes. 

Now that you’re suitably versed in the art of dressing for Spring showers you can delve a little deeper into our collection of Men’s Waterproof Jackets. As with everything on our site we’re on hand to provide any more information or advice you need – so if you have a trip coming up and you’re not sure which style fits your need then don’t hesitate to reach out to us!