Here at Nordic Outdoor there are certain brands we’ve always been impressed by – it’s the brands who do something ‘original’ when it comes to the outdoors and don’t bog themselves down too much with technicalities and hydrostatic heads – instead looking to just enjoy the outdoors. One of these brands is KAVU who have been hard to ignore over the past 10 years if you have even a passing interest in outdoor clothing.

After admiring the brand from afar we’re delighted to announce that KAVU has joined the Nordic Outdoor family from Spring Summer 2024 and is available now in Covent Garden, Edinburgh St James and online. In the latest blog from Nordic Outdoor we look a little more into the brand taking the outdoor world by storm and what sets them apart from the rest.



The History of KAVU

KAVU, standing for Klear Above Visibility Unlimited, an old aviation term, believe that everyday should be lived to the fullest. Just as the term refers to the perfect flying day, KAVU themselves believe that you can make any day perfect for what you are doing with the right mindset and of course it doesn’t hurt to have their clothes to support you.

The brand began in 1993 though the idea came to the founder Barry Barr years before when working as a commercial fisherman in Alaska. Having lost many hats to the mercy of the sea, Barry sought out to make the perfect hat for both his situation but also any other extreme sport or activity. Through this he created the StrapCap, a hat made with a strap across the head ensuring it stays in place no matter the weather. Initially he sold these out of his car though KAVU then opened their first shop in Seattle in 2001.

Though the brand have grown to become stocked across the world and the collection has developed from one hat to a whole selection of bags, clothing and accessories the core values of KAVU remain the same to this day. Whether it’s in KAVU shirts or KAVU sweaters you will see the same flash of ingenuity and fun which compelled Barry to create the first Strapcap all the way back in 1993.



KAVU Spring Summer 2024

Spring Summer 2024 marks the first collection for Nordic Outdoor and we’re delighted to see some of the brands most popular styles return for this season along with some brand new additions.

The original Strapcap is back – but this season is available in two unique iterations. The Organic Strapcap is constructed from 100% organic cotton and is the original model while the brand new Synthetic Strapcap is constructed from 100% water-resistant polyester meaning you can tackle the elements in style,

Along with the Strapcap there is another returning classic in the form of the KAVU Mini Rope Bag which was our first introduction to the brand. The outdoor lifestyle bag with an instantly recognisable twist is one of the top selling outdoor bags in the USA and doesn’t only look good, but actually performs.

Other stand out items include the Teannaway Fleece - with its design drawing from vintage aesthetics, the tie dye inspired Etch Art T-shirt and the Chilli Lite Shorts which feature the brands iconic moon pockets. For those looking to upgrade your luggage collection the brand have dropped the ultimate travel companion in the Little Feller Backpack which doubles up as a duffel bag and pairs perfectly with the Mini Rope Sling and Grizzly Kit Handbag for your next adventure.


You can shop the KAVU Spring Summer collection Online now at Nordic Outdoor or Instore at Nordic Outdoor Covent Garden and Nordic Outdoor St James Quarter. If it’s your first order with Nordic Outdoor make sure to sign up to our email list for 5% off and FREE UK Mainland shipping on orders over £80.