YETI at Nordic Outdoor


We’ve been ticking names off our brand bucket list in quick succession this year and one of our biggest wins was getting the team at YETI to come on board and join the Nordic Outdoor roster. Over the past 14 years YETI have grown to become world leaders in coolers and drinkware and their dedication to building products which work, last and look good has always something we’ve admired. Now that the American Outdoor Specialists kit can be found in our Keswick and Richmond store aswell as online we’ve decided to take the opportunity to look at what makes YETI such a world beating brand and why you’ll never need another cooler or tumbler ever again.


YETI: The Story So Far

The story of YETI starts with the story of two brothers with a passion for the outdoors and a bloodline full of entrepreneurship.

Ryan and Roy Seiders grew up in Driftwood, Texas and spent the majority of their formative years out exploring the wilderness. They weren’t the only members of the family looking to turn their passion of the outdoors into a lifelong career, the boy’s father left his job as a primary school teacher and invented a fishing rod sealant, allowing the Seider brothers to see entrepreneurship and innovation up close.

It wasn’t until the beginning of 1996 Ryan Seider made the first decision which would ultimately lead to the foundations of what we now recognise is YETI by following his fathers footsteps and forming a custom fishing rod business. His brother Roy followed in the family tradition four years later, founding a company which produced customised aluminium boats for fisherman looking to navigate shallow coastal waters. With the whole family in the fishing business at this point, the brothers would spend a lot of time on one of Roy’s boats which featured three spots for coolers to keep your supplys cool for a full days activities. Quickly however the brothers realised that all coolers on the market couldn’t stand up to the demands that a full fishing trip would put on them.

With an obvious problem now established, the Seider brothers went about trying to find a solution. At first they distributed hardwearing coolers sourced from South Asia which at that time were the best coolers available on the market – but even then the brothers weren’t particularly impressed with them. With no obvious answer already on the market the Seider brothers founded YETI Coolers in 2006 with a mission to create the world’s best coolers – bar none.

What separated YETI immediately from the competition was the way in which their coolers were produced. At the time coolers were primarily made from extruded plastic however in a bid to make the coolers stronger and better the Seider brothers created their cooler using a process known as rotational molding. This method for production eliminates seams and joints on the cooler which also provides less space for cold to escape and in turn keeps the contents colder for longer.

With no desire to create a ‘cheap’ product and the sole focus being on quality rather than price it wasn’t long before YETI cemented their reputation as the best cooler brand on the planet. Hunters and fishermen alike swore by the indestructible, long lasting and incredibly effective coolers and word slowly spread to the wider outdoor community. In 2014 the brand expanded to take their expertise in coolers and apply this to drinkware. An immediate success the YETI drinkware brand is now one of the most respected in the world and the whole team at Nordic Outdoor swear by the Rambler Tumbler’s for all our drinking requirements.

While many brands come out of the opportunity to make a quick buck it’s clear when you look at the history of YETI that this is a brand borne out of passion and the desire to create a better product, regardless of the cost or commerciality. Nowadays the brand offer a range of products across a number of areas – we’ve picked out some of our favourites below.

YETI: Key Products

Now that YETI don’t only focus on coolers the brand have some of the most interesting products around. Never made just for the fun of it all of these products have been made to be ‘best in class’. From the best bucket in the world to the best Outdoor Blanket we’ve seen on the market – YETI aren’t here to make fluff.

YETI Roadie 24 Cooler

YETI Roadie 24 Cooler

Where it all started. The YETI coolers are undoubtably the best coolers available and our pick of the bunch is the Roadie 24. While YETI do make coolers big enough to fit three whole Elk we think the space for 18 beers or 10kg of ice is more than enough to see us through a weekend in nature. The second iteration of the Roadie Cooler, the new version is 10% lighter, holds 20% more and performs 30% better thermally than its predecessor.

As with all YETI products this cooler is built to last. The Neverfail hinge system is guaranteed to never break while the rotomolded construction essentially makes this an armored coolbox. With permafrost insulation and the space to store wine or juice bottles upright this is the only cooler you will ever need.

YETI Loadout Bucket

YETI Loadout Bucket

Before Nordic Outdoor started working with YETI we were unaware of the excitement levels which could be provided by a bucket. Most of the Nordic team had disregarded the lowly bucket as ‘just one of those thing’ – until we met the Loadout from YETI. Basically the Rambo of buckets this is designed for lugging, loading, hauling, baling and stepping. Like the legendary Action Man this is an indestructible bucket which can be customised with it’s own tool belt, caddy tray and lid.

YETI 10oz Wine Tumbler 

YETI Rambler 10oz Wine Tumbler

Wine in the wilderness is a concept we didn’t realise we needed until receiving the 10oz Wine Tumbler from YETI. Do away with single use plastic or utterly breakable wine glasses and upgrade to the stainless steel constructed wine tumbler. With double-wall vacuum insulation the tumbler will keep your drink cold until the last sip and the magslider lid will keep splashes at bay when drinking on the move. When your adventure is over simply pop the tumbler in the dishwasher and get back to relaxing.

YETI Rambler 20oz Tumbler 

YETI Rambler 20oz Tumbler

Our new favourite piece of drinkware – bar none. The 20oz Rambler from YETI is a seriously hardy bit of kit that not only looks good but insulates until the last drop and is practically unbreakable. Perfect for winter and summer alike the Rambler is finished with a duracoat colour that wont crack or fade and covered with the patented ‘no sweat design’ which prevents condensation keeping your hands dry and frostbit free. With a capacity of 591ml the rambler is dishwasher safe and comes with the brands unique magslider lid to stop the heat escaping no matter the weather.

YETI Lowlands Blanket 

Yeti Lowlands Blanket

‘A blanket?’ I hear you ghast. That’s right, YETI the cooler specialists are also creators of what might just be the best outdoor blanket available. Unlike other brands who might just slap their logo on a standard outdoor blanket, the Lowlands has been designed for the wild from the ground up. With a waterproof utility layer, incredibly soft insulated material and hydrobarrier coating this blanket can turn any piece of land into the perfect basecamp. For when you’re adventuring with a four legged friend the Lowlands blanket is the perfect choice thanks to its pet protection which easily shakes off pet hairs and when the adventures open you can throw the blanket in the washing machine without any worriers. A product we never knew we needed but we’re converts and the lowlands blanket is now a mainstay in the Nordic Outdoor adventure kit.

Where can you buy YETI products?

Ready to upgrade your drinkware and cooler collection to the best around? YETI is now available online at Nordic Outdoor and you can shop the full collection here. If you want to get hands on with the kit and see what all the fuss is about then never fear as we have the full selection available in both our Keswick and Richmond stores. For those North of the Border we currently don’t stock YETI in Edinburgh but are working hard to bring the best coolers around to our Scottish home.