At Nordic Outdoor we recently partnered with Orienteer Mapazine, the tech garment, sport and outdoors title on a Scottish wilderness hike and camp out to see how the team would enjoy being at one with the elements north of the border. We spent Two Nights pitched out in a Tentipi amongst some of the best nature that the West Coast of Scotland has to offer. Along with the incredible Matt from MW Guiding we spent our time in nature biking, kayaking, cooking and enjoying the goodlife. Here we speak to founder Rory Griffiths about the magazine and his views on everything over the doorstep.


Where did the concept for Orienteer Mapazine come from and how did you get it up and running?

Orienteer Mapazine was born from a mutual respect for technical garments and sports fashion. The print format is inspired by vintage OS maps & AZ maps that fold out to give a nostalgic feeling in the modern day where images are constantly looked past with short attention paid. Our format forces the viewer to interact with the print unfolding each image and section to read the next feature.


How have you seen ‘Outdoors’ evolving in the past few years and why do you think that is?

Everything goes in cycles. Fashion, culture etc... People have been interested in sportswear within different subcultures throughout modern history and this new surge towards technical clothing is not so new, but it has been quickly adopted due to the level of access to physical stores, online and general social media platforms. 


How does Tentipi Camping differ from your usual outdoor experience. What do you see as the distinct benefits/plus points?

Tentipi are a great way to experience the lux side of camping. The spacious interiors are juxtaposed to the normal wild camping in a 1/2 man tent, along with the option for an indoor stove to keep you cosy throughout the night! 


What do you think the next focus in outdoor is (eg. Ultralight, Car Camping, Trail Running etc...)

To put it simply. Radio Orienteering :)


What brands do you think are the most exciting currently within the outdoors space?

Arksen, J_la.l_ and Middle Distance for me.


What makes them stand out and why. Also, what do you think that brands should or could be doing more of?

They are different in their own respects - seeing the level of innovation from the ground up is exciting! 


What does the future hold for Orienteer, what are the next steps. What is on the horizon?

Keep an eye out for an exciting new format with many more features and editorial explorations.


What did you take from your Scottish experience recently. It looked amazing?

It was great to get out of the city and appreciate the countryside we have in the UK. 



If you're interested in seeing more of the adventures the team at Orienteer are involved in then check out their instagram here or their website here. Fancy taking on the Scottish West Coast yourself? Equip yourself with one of the Tentipi Safir range and reach out to Matt from MW Guiding who'll make sure your trip is a memorable one. Huge thanks also to 114.Index who joined us on the road and gave the guys his own taste of Scotland along the route.