Imagine sitting by the fire with your grandad listening to thrilling tales of great explorers. How they did the unthinkable and travelled to never before explored lands. Now imagine that you are in fact related to one of the most extraordinary explorers the world has ever seen. That explorer being Roald Amundsen.

Jorgen Amundsen, co-founder of Amundsen Sports, is in fact related to Roald Amundsen and does remember being told all about the explorer’s adventures by his grandad. Roald Amundsen is the man who set out to be the first person to reach the South Pole in 1911. He followed this up by being the first person to reach both the South and the North Pole. Knowing you are closely related to someone this extraordinary is bound to fill you up with the spirit of adventure and eagerness to explore the unknown. Which is exactly what happened to Jorgen. All Roald’s adventures inspired Jorgen from young age and since then Jorgen has been an active outdoorsman who often embarks on wild adventures of his own.

Inspired by Roald Amundsen’s way of life, Jorgen Amundsen, started to question the modern day outdoor clothing. It seemed to him that people had forgotten some of the fundamentals when it comes to outdoor clothing. Jorgen decided to take matters into his own hands and started designing his own idea of outdoor clothing. He contacted his childhood friend Erik Friis and shared with him his ideas. Erik, enthusiastic about these ideas, took up the challenge and together they founded Amundsen Sports in 2009.

Amundsen Sports

To this day the Roald Amundsen spirit of adventure lives on through the team at Amundsen Sports. In 2011 the team celebrated the 100 year anniversary of man first reaching the South Pole, by setting out on their own expedition to the South Pole. In the spirit of Roald Amundsen, they ditched the suggested route that Roald had taken long ago and began their journey into untrodden territory. After 4 days at sea they reached Antarctica and set off into the unknown. Their mission, to climb a mountain never before climbed, in a territory never before explored by man. When they finally reached the mountain after days of gruelling travel the weather consistently prevented them from climbing the mountain. That was until the 14th of December, the official date of the 100 year anniversary, when the weather permitted them to start their accent. Just before midnight, the team reached the summit. They named the mountain Amundsen Peak, as an honourable tribute to Roald Amundsen.

Amundsen Sports - Amundsen Peak

As another tribute to the great explorer, Amundsen sports created the Heroes Anorak and the Heroes Frock Anorak. These two minimalistic anoraks are based off the original anoraks Roald Amundsen and his men wore when they set off on their life changing expedition to the South Pole. Even though these anoraks don’t have any technical features, they will keep you warm and protected from the elements in the simplest way, just like the original anoraks did for Amundsen and his men.

Amundsen Sports - Heroes Anorak

It’s clear to see that Amundsen Sports live and breathe adventure. They field test their equipment while on their own adventures in the harshest conditions, to ensure that all their garments are functional, comfortable, and protect from the elements. When you put on an Amundsen garment you know that the materials used are only the best, and that you will be without a doubt ready for any adventure. Each garment comes along with a piece of Amundsen’s rich history and spirit of adventure.

So, if you’re looking for some outstanding outdoor gear, with origins from one of the world’s greatest explorers, the Amundsen Sports might just be the gear for you.

“Adventure is just planning” – Roald Amundsen

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