When a London based Oat Milk met the rugged landscapes of Skye, something truly extraordinary was bound to happen. The story unfolds with Minor Figures, the London-based coffee pioneers, seeking our help at Nordic Outdoor to set up a Coffee Station at an unusual altitude of 700 meters. Together with Skye's own specialty coffee roasters, 'Birch,' we embarked on a mission that would redefine the concept of a Free-Day, offering Oat Milk Coffees amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Old Man of Storr.

For the art of crafting the perfect campsite coffee amidst the mountaintop majesty, our go-to ally has always been Snow Peak, the Japanese outdoor experts. This time, Snow Peak came aboard to help us create an outdoor pour-over station like no other – a station that would turn our ambitious vision into reality.

Our adventure commenced on a Thursday evening, as we hiked up the Storr with a Tentipi Safir 7 and Hilleberg Soulo in tow, seeking a remote spot to spend the night. While the weather was a picturesque dream from the comforts of Portree's beer garden, reality hit as we ascended higher. The wind and rain, unforgiving and unrelenting, reminded us that summer's embrace wasn't absolute. Yet, once setup in the comfort of our home for the night we savoured toasties with the Tramezzino and gathered around the Pack and Carry Fireplace, basking in the warmth of 'Takibi time.'

With the promise of a sunrise, we rose at 5 am, only to find the rain and wind playing their uncooperative tune, cloaking the horizon in an unrelenting fog. Equipped with the 66°North Hornstradir Jacket and Skaftafell pants, we hunkered down for the morning, questioning to each other how hardy filter papers would be in a downpour.

As the morning progressed, so did our spirits, aided by the arrival of some fellow helpers and a temporary respite from the rain. By 8am the forecast had flipped in our favour and we started the journey to our final destination – the legendary Old Man of Storr Viewpoint. The altitude, a modest 719 meters, belied the monumental effort of hauling all our equipment, including Tipis, chairs, firepits, and coolers, to the summit.

After hiking a YETI Tundra Cooler, IGT frame and extendable table, numerous kettles, drippers and accessories up to the top of Skye’s most infamous viewpoint we were ready to go. The IGT’s double burner was perfect for ‘pre-match’ toasties using the Tramezzino before being fired up again for boiling water and crafting warm chai lattes. All of the work in getting our setup hiked up the hill became instantly worthwhile with the confusion and delight which spread over the face of early morning hikers. Birch Coffee’s founder Niall Munro used the Snow Peak Folding Coffee Dripper to create the perfect Pour Over fuel for our crowd beating customers while the rest of us took the time to sit back and wonder at the views unlike those anywhere else in this country.

If you're keen to see what a 700m Pour Over setup actually looks like, scroll down for a glimpse of our Storr Free Day, captured brilliantly through the lens of Tim Craig. And should your own adventures lead you to Skye, be sure to make a pilgrimage to Birch Coffee in Portree. As a bonus, we've included a link below for some Snow Peak products – your companions in crafting the perfect pour-over experience, no matter how remote your basecamp.


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