Pioneers of outdoor equipment for over a century

Bergans at Nordic Outdoor

One of the most influential outdoor Clothing and Equipment brands of the past Century has arrived at Nordic Outdoor and we are now proud stockists of Bergans of Norway. Since introducing their first backpack in 1908 the label have played a major in Norwegian life and have been worn by famed explorers including Amundsen and Scott. Bergans innovations have been so influential that the word Bergans is even featured in the Merriam-Webster dictionary with the definition;

“a rucksack supported by a wooden frame and having a belt to fasten around the waist”

With the Spring Summer ’19 collection having just arrived at Nordic Outdoor we decided to take the chance to look at the collection in more detail and the history of this influential brand.


The History of Bergans

History of Bergans

Bergans of Norway came to existence with a singe invention in 1908 from the brands namesake, Ole F. Bergan. During his life Ole patented over 40 inventions but none were more influential than the framed rucksack he thought up during a hunting trip in Skimfjellet. While hiking Ole found his soft sack used to carry supplies lacked support and was uncomfortable to carry over long distances, as a solution he bent a juniper branch and shaped it to his back to create a more anatomically fitting and comfortable frame. From this “prototype” he developed the frame and replaced the branch with light tubular steel and straps. The basic idea was that the sack should be shaped according to the persons form and height, and that it should sit snugly to the body, whilst supporting the sack frame. This concept proved so popular that it has become the standard design for every modern anatomical rucksack produced today.

The invention of the framed rucksack was an instant success and Bergans backpacks became a natural choice for hunting trips, expeditions and military forces bringing the brand widespread recognition and customers from far afield. By the 1960’s the brand had become a well-recognised producer of quality outdoor equipment and in 1967 the first item of Bergans Clothing was produced. Since then the brand have grown to become one of the biggest and most respected outdoor suppliers and Bergans clothing and rucksacks is now recognised globally.


Spring Summer ‘19

Bergans Spring Summer 19

For Spring Summer ’19 Bergans have focused on sustainability while staying true to their heritage and reinventing some of their most iconic designs. The Oslo collection combines timeless fashions aspects with the functional and protective features of outdoor clothing while showcasing an extensive use of sustainable fabrics, materials and production methods.

If you are looking for the perfect Bergans rucksack for the season then look no further than the Slingsby line which is designed for modern mountaineering - inspired by the past. This collection is a fitting tribute to William Cecil Slingsby, the pioneer of Norwegian mountaineering. All of the new Slingsby range is designed for functionality, design and All of the products of the Slingsby collection are high-quality hiking and mountaineering products that provide a perfect balance of top class functionality, low weight and high durability.

With a selection of both Men’s and Women’s Bergans jackets perfect for the outdoors and the city this new range is ideal for tackling the British weather head on. Should the Sun finally make an appearance then we have also taken delivery of a wide range of Bergans shorts which will allow you to fully enjoy the great outdoors! You can match these with the Women’s and Men’s Bergans T-Shirts which both showcase the brands iconic Birkebeinerne branding which is based on a famous painting by Knud Bergslien and was used as a brand image for a period of 50 years, and was re-designed as the vignette used on Bergans products today.

You can shop the entire Bergans Spring Summer ’19 collection Online Now at Nordic Outdoor. Bergans is also available at Nordic Outdoor Keswick, Glasgow and Edinburgh and make sure to follow us on social media to keep updated with all the latest arrivals and news!