The Vicuña brand borrows its name from the wonderfully curious animal which inspired the company’s foundation. The vicuña is a distant cousin of the llama which lives in the high alpine areas of the Andes. Due to the huge fluctuations in temperature in the areas they live in, the vicuña has developed a unique type of wool. Silky, smooth and considerably durable, these qualities have inspired the Vicuña brand to produce some of the most luxurious performance products on the market.

As one of our best sellers over the previous months, our staff and customers have gotten to know Vicuña  quite well. Anyone who knows the brand and has sampled the high-quality socks they produce will know for themselves why we put so much faith into this brand. If you haven’t made the plunge yet and want to research the brand a little more then look no further! We have all the information you need on this unique brand.



Readers of this blog will know that we are huge fans of wool as a material. Whilst this usually refers to sheep wool, we can safely extend it to cover the wool of the alpaca. Wool is natures very own hi-tech fibre. In almost every test it out performs synthetics. Durable, odour resistant, and with amazing moisture regulating properties wool is the way to go when it comes to outdoor socks.

Wool vs Cotton

Whether your passion lies in hiking, fishing, hunting or even just walking your dog these socks will perform in a range of conditions.


Performance aside the 100% bio-degradable nature of the wool in these socks is a bonus that makes owning a pair guilt free. The wool for these socks is produced in a sustainable, responsible and cruelty free manner. Production of these socks is friendly to the environment and the alpacas themselves. All wool harvested is replaced by natural growth.

Vicuna Alpaca


Just as importantly Vicuña guarantee that their suppliers follow a fair-trade principle. Doing this ensures that the workforce employed in their production enjoy a safe and pleasant working environment.

Happy workers, happy alpacas and happy customers. What more could you want.


The wool of the vicuña was highly prized in the ancient world. Ancient Incan society forbade anyone from owning vicuña garments outside of royalty. Luckily these rules have long since passed and you can find a selection of Vicuña alpaca socks in our stores and online here!